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If you are running HP blades with NC55xx NICs and using Hyper-V you really want to check this out.   Leave a comment

When i was working at a customer today i ran in to some strange networking issues witch took me to this HP download site this is indeed critical and should have been shouted out in big…




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Update your Onboard Admnistrator now!!   Leave a comment

If you are still running older version then 4.21 you are affected by the heartbleed SSL issue so head to HP download site and install it at once.


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Easy way to check if of your hardware Support SR-IOV   Leave a comment

On of the really cool new features in Hyper-V is Single Root I/O Virtualization, but not all hardware support this one easy check is using PowerShell, just run this command on the host (Get-VMHost).IovSupportReasons if you get message like below your hardware is obsolete.


If it looks like this its supported but not enabled, but then at least you know that you have support for it.


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Playing around with VM´s on Laptop and Virtual switches   Leave a comment

I have a lot of VMs on my laptop, and i need to change the switch on these machines sometimes, since I’m moving around i need to be able to change the switch that they are connected to. This is time consuming and not to mention booooring so lets look @ powershell and how this can help me.

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName * | Connect-VMNetworkAdapter -SwitchName External

Problem solved, the first part is get all network connectors from * and pipe/connect it to my virtual switch named External


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